Why use a recruitment agency to hire your staff

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People are the most important part of any business so recruiting new talent is key to the success of your company. But how do you find the right people?

One big question when hiring is whether to use a recruitment agency. We have previously discussed the benefits for candidates of using a recruiter to find a new job, but what are the benefits of using a recruitment agency for companies?

Focus on what you do best: taking care of business! The longer you are away from doing your real job while you’re trying to find the right person for your team, the more it could cost your business tens of thousands of pounds in delayed projects or excessive freelance fees. Why not pass us the problem of recruiting your next hire! Here at Digital Gurus, we’re all about:


We remove the stress of posting job ads across all the major and niche job boards, hours of CV reading, and dozens of phone calls with potential candidates – of which most will be underqualified! We take over this process, taking on the job posting, CV checking, candidate vetting, and after-care for you – so all you have to worry about is freeing up space in your interviewing great candidates and deciding who to hire!


As a recruitment agency, we have a network of passive candidates that are unlikely to apply for your role directly. Only 10% of the market, if that, is actively looking, so part of our job is approaching the other 90% of candidates who are a perfect match for your company but aren’t actively looking for a new job. With thousands of candidates within our network, both actively and passively looking for a new role, we have quality specialists within our sectors we can reach out to immediately.


Whether you need to replace someone who is leaving or you need to recruit more people as your business grows, our priority will always be to find someone quickly. Our database and extensive network of candidates means we have a list of top people we are able to contact right away and we’re able to send over vetted, relevant CVs within no more than 72 hours of getting your job spec!


As a specialist digital recruitment agency, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industries and sectors we cover. We know the market and understand your requirements so you don’t need to spend ages explaining the position you’re looking to fill. On top of that, we’re also able to provide you with insights and guidance – whether that be non-obvious skills your next hire should have or how much salary you should be paying to attract the best talent.

If you are after the top talent within digital, get in touch with us today!

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