"Can't hire right, Can't hire Fast" Data & Analytics Leaders, We Hear You

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“I can’t hire the right people and I can’t hire them fast enough” is a key problem among Data & Analytics Leaders, and for many across the Tech Community.

Digital Gurus can help with your hiring needs while you focus on what you do best: taking care of business! The longer you're away from doing your real job while you’re trying to find the right person for your team, the more it could cost your business tens of thousands of pounds in delayed projects or excessive freelance fees. Why not pass us the problem of recruiting your next hire?

What do you need to think about?

1. Time needs to be on your side

Pre-empting your next hire will give you and your team the breathing space you need. 70% of the time there’s a data strategy with key hires in place, giving you the chance to talent pool candidates, getting you ahead of the competition - and the ability to hire the right people for your business that tick key boxes. Plus, it could take a while to determine the job specifications, specifically if you’re new to the data business. Time on your side in hiring is a good place to be in data.

2. Prioritise the process every week

Block time out to keep pushing the process along (thank me later). This will give you a chance to be hot on the actively available candidates.

3. Flexibility on the hire

This means a larger pool of candidates, more options to interview, you get a better sense of who is out there, and you form an opinion of who you do and don't want.

4. Interviews

Be realistic with what needs to be put into the process to give you enough information to make an offer that is a mutually beneficial meeting for the candidate. A well-thought-out process should be challenging, engaging, exciting, and informative for both parties. You don't need 4-5 interviews to make this happen, as candidates won't wait around. Businesses that nail their interview process are able to increase offer acceptance and company buy-in from sought-after data/analytics candidates.

5. Be agile and flexible

Candidates want to hear back as soon as possible, which is understandable. Being agile will help communication with candidates ahead of the competition, meaning you're able to share offers ahead of them too.

7. Realistic offers

The more positive the negotiations are, the more likely the candidate is to accept. We're all human beings, empathise and be realistic to get offers accepted. In a candidate-driven market, there's no time to be going back and forth, be honest and communicate well to make sure that you're both happy with the final outcome.

We can help

As a technology-first recruitment agency, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industries and sectors we cover. We understand the market, your requirements, and your pain points, to help you find solutions to fit and solve them when it comes to Data & Analytics.

We have the insight and access to thought leaders who are always able to support businesses like yours on the Data & Analytics journey. Whether it’s advice on salary, resource and planning, choosing the most effective solutions, DEI initiatives, and data education, we are here to be your Data Gurus.

Author: Zeta Jhanji

If you’re a Data and Analytics Leader who's looking for their next hire, contact Zeta Jhanji, Squad Lead: zeta.jhanji@digitalgurus.co.uk.

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