How can you implement Dynamics 365 without the headache?

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The hugely popular, Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform delivers operational excellence and helps businesses create engaging experiences. The IT system itself has been adopted by many industries and continues to be selected by many others. Although the system helps streamline services, the implementation process isn’t so straight forward.

Typically, a MS Dynamics/Tech Consultancy are engaged by the team to start the instalment but there are many elements that can go wrong with this – and don’t we just know it. Digital Gurus (specifically our Gurus365 Squad) have seen this happen hundreds of times – and the crux of the reason is usually due to lack of resource and resource competency.

So how do you source the right skillsets, with the right experience, to get the job done efficiently and effectively?

Let’s start from the beginning

POV: You’ve purchased Microsoft Dynamics and you’ve chosen a consultancy to partner with your business to start and manage the project. You’ve agreed a cost and a timescale. After credible and exciting initial conversations where milestone, outcomes and timeframes are all agreed; some time passes and you’re beginning to feel a little nervous, out-the-loop and possibly let down - there seems to be a lack of resource, communication and agreed objectives aren’t being met. The progress is taking longer than you were promised and nobody is really listening or actioning visible change… Sound familiar?

Here’s how Gurus365 at Digital Gurus can help

Newsflash – you’re in safe hands. We’ve worked with a large variety of companies with varying levels of complexity within their requirements from the D365 platform; our current customer base ranges from well-known retailers, logistics, IT distributers, manufacturers, consultancies and healthcare services.

We understand that most company Directors/CTO/CIO/CFO’s are new to implementing Microsoft Dynamics within their business – they’ve been sold the system and the solution, but things aren’t going as expected. We’re comfortable with project saving, project recovery, new project delivery, project delivery support and augmented project support.

Senior Consultant for Digital Gurus & Gurus365, Jared Martin, said “where Digital Gurus (specially Gurus365) have been successful, is speaking to business owners/CIOs/CFOs and understanding what has gone wrong… then implementing a strategy to bring in the right resource to deliver the project as originally planned. This often comes with huge financial savings”.

Our Gurus hold a huge database of external contractors who are Microsoft Dynamics experts who are here to help assist you in hiring the right person to support your implementation project. We can offer you honest advice as we have many years’ experience in this field.

There are many benefits of hiring an external contractor to support your partner as they will work with you at a fraction of the cost of a partner, they will also sanity check the partner’s work and offer alternative options. The contractor will be able to boost your knowledge of the system internally and up-skill permanent staff.

Tangibility – who have we helped before?

A recent client we worked with found themselves in the middle of a project, working with leading Gold Partners in the channel. They realised that after the sales process, there had been a downturn in productivity. The team they’d been given had been reassigned – new heads were bought in to deliver the project. The skills and experience deteriorated but the cost stayed the same. This is where we came in and offered the extra resource from our highly experienced contacts, at more competitive rates – delivering better results.

Our Divisional Lead for Digital Gurus & Gurus365, Liam Hughes, expressed that many projects he’s familiar with struggle with staffing and continuity from their chosen partner. “We speak with many CIO’s who are engaging with a Gold Partner to install D365 F&O/CE/BC and our discussions often focus on staffing and why partners miss the mark when it comes to boots on the ground. We want the message to be clear, we can help when the issue becomes fatal to the success of the project. We've got hundreds of contacts who we constantly communicate with, to let them know we can help whenever needed. The first call we have with the CIO/CFO is as expected. They let us know that everything is working fine, but we find that after the honeymoon stage, there are issues with the resources to bring the solution into the business.”

Next Steps

If you need any advice or support with your Dynamics 365 implementation, we are here to help. Contact our Gurs365 Squad for more information: Liam Hughes, Jared Martin.

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