The creative talent watchlist for 2023

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The Advertising and Creative industries are more and more being referred to as the ‘Creative Economy’. According to Deloitte, this economy is expected to grow by 40% by 2023, becoming a key driver of economic growth.

Advancements in the tech world have opened new opportunities for the creative industry, allowing Creative professionals to explore new and exciting ways to engage their audiences. New tech such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality has launched in full force this year, enabling marketers to create content that was not previously possible.

The effect of advancing tech creates a high demand for new skills from candidates, and ultimately generates exciting job opportunities. There are predictions that by 2030, 85% of the jobs that school leavers will have - haven’t even been invented yet.

Predictions for the most sought-after careers in the creative industry 2023:

Content Creator
Job posts: 113
LinkedIn Professionals: 11,950
Top 5 Skills: Social Media Marketing, Adobe Photoshop, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Copywriting
Gender Split: 55% Female, 45% Male
Hiring Demand: Very High


Job posts: 167
LinkedIn Professionals: 13,103
Top 5 Skills: Copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation, Proofreading, Creative Writing, Digital Marketing  
Gender Split: 57% Female, 43% Male
Hiring Demand: Very High

Job posts: 112
LinkedIn Professionals: 3,929
Top 5 Skills: Animation, Adobe Photoshop, Character Animation, After Effects, Autodesk Maya
Gender Split: 32% Female, 68% Male
Hiring Demand: Very High

UI Designer
Job posts: 443
LinkedIn Professionals: 5,406
Top 5 Skills: User Experience, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design
Gender Split: 44% Female, 56% Male
Hiring Demand: Very High

Creative Director
Job posts on LinkedIn: 55
LinkedIn Professionals: 30,982
Top 5 Skills: Graphic Designer, Creative Direction, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Brand Development
Gender Split: 36% Female, 64% Male
Hiring Demand: High

Social Media Manager
Job posts: 307
LinkedIn Professionals: 15,937
Top 5 Skills: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Instagram, Copywriting
Gender split: 67% Female, 33% Male
Hiring Demand: High

Graphic Designer
Job posts: 361
LinkedIn Professionals: 54,314
Top 5 Skills: Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite
Gender Split: 45% Female, 55% Male
Hiring Demand: High

(Data taken from LinkedIn Insights February 2023)

Businesses are continuing to invest heavily in their Marketing function

Keeping up with Creative trends is a job within itself, and staying up to date will keep businesses competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace. Investing in Marketing is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Within many successful businesses, the Marketing team is becoming an extension of the Sales team, increasingly working together to nail their audience targeting and reach their sales goals. According to Hubspot, at least 47% of consumers view 3 to 5 pieces of content prior to engaging with a Sales Rep. That's why brands all around the world are heavily investing in their Content Marketing.

Businesses face a big decision when it comes to investing in an internal Marketing function, outsourcing entirely to an Agency or hiring Freelancers. Due to new tech, companies often outsource parts of their Marketing function to make sure they’re able to keep up with trends rather than having to pay to upskill their team which can be a great short-term fix, but not the best choice in the long run.

What are the pros and cons of having an in-house Marketing team vs. Agency or Freelancers?

Developing meaningful talent partnerships

Marketing & Creative is one of the founding pillars of Digital Gurus with over 12 years expertise in sourcing world-class Creatives and Marketeers, from Juniors though to Global Heads. Our Marketing and Creative Tribe specialises in placing Freelance, Contract, and Perm talent into the Creative and Marketing sector. By immersing ourselves within the world of Creative, Design, and Digital, we’re able to proactively connect the best talent to leading FinTech, SaaS, FMCG, Charity, and E-commerce brands.

Speak to one of our expert Creative Recruitment Consultants, Amanda Goodhew and Jean O'Reilly for more information on how Digital Gurus can help your company find the right talent.

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