The top growing supply chain and logistics roles

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The supply chain and logistics industry has been tested greatly during the pandemic and heavily relied on as more and more people shifted their purchasing habits from store to online. Some businesses digitally evolved and became reactive to consumer behaviour changes; as a result of this, there is high demand for various roles to fully enhance the services of supply chain and logistics businesses and keep up with the new ‘normal’.

Here’s the top jobs right now:

Business Analysts

A Business Analyst (BA) manages the start of a project and gathers the requirements to fulfil the project, thinking about the logistics and seeing the task through, end-to-end. When there is a demand for Business Analyst roles, you know everyone is working on projects. Dan Haywood shared insight that there is high demand for this type of role at the moment, suggesting that for every one BA role he fills, he could fill it 10 times over.

Project Manager

The Project Manager role is to drive strategy set out by the business to reach objectives. The Project Manager in a supply chain typically coordinates resource, looks at improving processes such as inventory efficiency, supplier efficiency and rolling out new systems and software.

Digital and E-Commerce

It’s no surprise that Digital and E-Commerce roles are becoming popular in supply chain and logistics. There is demand for this role across various industries, even in businesses you wouldn’t usually associate with it – like builders’ merchants for example. Stores which historically have a great high street/store presence are having to adapt to how their consumers buy.


In supply chain, the operational role could mean operations and distribution. The roles help warehouse processes to execute distribution and the flow of products/services to a consumer. This role is critical for a business as the internal operations must align with the external supply chain as well as internal operations to meet the needs of consumers expectations.

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