So, you want to be a designer...

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So, you want to be a designer? Great! But where do you start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Follow our top tips and you’ll have that dream designer job in no time.

Be proactive

First things first, your dream job isn’t going to come knocking on your door. You’ve got to go out and get it! Plenty of agencies will accept unsolicited portfolios - as long as they’re good - so you don’t have to wait around until you see a vacancy. But, in order to make your application stand out from the others, it’s far better to send your CV to someone you know that already works there. So get out and network! Check meetup for events in your area and talk to anyone and everyone! You could also consider chatting to a recruiter that works in your sector - they’ll usually have contacts and can be your shortcut for getting in touch with the right person. When people can put a face to a portfolio they are much more likely to have a second look.

Tell a story

So, you’ve got your foot in the door, but how can you make sure that your portfolio shows them that they have to interview you? Firstly, always go for quality instead of quality - tease them with your best work. But, more importantly, let your portfolio tell a story about who you are and how your design work has developed. There are always ups and downs on the way to a final result - your portfolio should show how you got there!

Interview preparation

Congratulations! Your portfolio landed you an interview. The trick to being good at interviews is the same as being good at anything. Practice. So, grab anyone who will listen and get them to hold a mock interview. If you’ve tried all your WhatsApp groups and no one’s got the time, practice in the mirror - after all, you’re your own worst critic. If you can impress yourself, chances are, you’ll impress your future employer.

Be enthusiastic - follow up

So the final step, and perhaps the most important - you’ve got to show that you really want the job. Now, I’m not suggesting you spam your future employer, but a ‘thanks for having me’ email a couple of days after will go a long way and ensure you stay in your interviewer's mind.

You’ve got the advice, now go out and get the job you’ve been dreaming of.

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