Our people are our culture

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I joined the business in 2011 and am now the Managing Director at Digital Gurus. I have experienced first-hand, many undulations of varying degrees and it is with great pride that I am part of a business with a clear direction, built of high performers who continuously strive to do better.  

Post-pandemic we have continued to build a business built on its brilliant people. With a culture engrained from a core set of principles, the Digital Gurus UK team have had back-to-back record quarters that have set them in good stead for this new growth phase. Our goal is to be the most trusted recruitment partner in the UK across Digital, Tech, Health and Supply Chain.

Our team is accountable and autonomous with a flat hierarchy support system where every voice matters and is heard. At Digital Gurus, or DG as we like to call ourselves, our interview process ensures you are passionate about excellence and collaboration. The progressive and positive culture enables all individuals who work at DG to thrive, where personal bests are as important as company success.  

It is my goal to continue to build an elite team of over 100 consultants in the UK alone, who are true subject matter experts in what they do. Every person is different, so how our business supports and leads is flexible and forever evolving. We offer real flexible working - you can work from wherever you want, whenever you want, because we trust you as a professional and are more interested in the results you deliver, not your daily schedule.  

We also don’t take ourselves too seriously, life is short so let’s enjoy what we do, otherwise why are we doing it? Digital Gurus is proof that you can love what you do, develop yourself as a person and be a valuable asset to the team you are in.

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