Get yourself a kickass portfolio

Get yourself a kickass portfolio

In a world where attention spans are decreasing by the second, we know that due to busy schedules Creative Directors and Hiring Managers have reduced time to look at CVs and portfolios and make those important decisions on who to bring in for an interview.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the rest? How do you grab someone’s attention within a matter of seconds? Well, apart from having a DG consultant in your corner representing you, of course. The Creative Gurus here at DG have decided to put their heads together and highlight the best and worst of the millions of portfolios they have seen to help you put your best foot forward and get a kick ass portfolio.

Digital vs Traditional

  • If you are looking for a position as a DIGITAL Designer, make sure it’s obvious that that’s what you do: Keyword the hell out of your CV, portfolio and LinkedIn profile (i.e. – ‘Digital Designer’, ‘Visual Designer’, ‘Interface Designer’, ‘Mobile Designer’, ‘UX Designer’ – NOT ‘Graphic Designer’, ‘Photoshop Designer’, ‘Integrated Designer’, etc.)

Order your Work

  • Make sure your most recent projects are first. Note that digital projects take preference over any graphic, branding or print work – anything with a mobile, responsive or UX slant is definitely favoured by our clients too.
  • If, for example, you have 10 pieces of work you are proud of, in our opinion work should be sorted in the following order: Most recent ‘commercial’ work first > if there’s an integrated piece put digital work at the very top > then order in big brands > followed by any other integrated/print work > and finally any private work.

Size Matters

  • Focus on the visuals; bigger is better! We don’t want to see tiny icons where you can barely see the work and attention to detail.

Add Details

  • Add detail to each project: What was the brief? What was delivered? What was your contribution? – Any stats to back up your success can’t hurt (i.e. awards, sales increase, more visibility, increased PR, etc.).

Show off new Work

  • Any work that isn’t live yet – password protect so that you can show at interview stage – especially if it’s your best work to date!

Concept Work

  • We always love to see your thinking behind projects! Any scamps, mock-ups or prototypes are a great way of showcasing this to the client.

Be Online

  • If you don’t have a developer mate handy, use one of these template sites – cargocollective, behance, carbonmade or krop. We have to say, we’re not fans of WIX…
  • Make sure your CV is downloadable from your site. It just makes life that little bit easier for everyone.
  • If possible, make your portfolio mobile responsive.

Add Personality

  • Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your work – Do you have a blog/interest in digital? What about some private projects? Especially if you are new to the industry, it can definitely help to help.

Don’t Plagiarise

  • Do not claim work that isn’t yours! This isn’t cool and you will eventually get found out. We don’t like frauds.

Keep it relevant

  • Don’t add photography work or anything that isn’t relevant to digital – since you are applying for a digital position.
  • Don’t add any selfies. Let your work speak for itself.
  • Thanks but no thanks to personal illustration projects.
  • Don’t send us your Instagram stream. We want to see your professional work on your portfolio, not next to last night’s dinner. ;)

Hopefully we’ve managed to keep your attention and you’ve found some of the info above useful.

Our Creative Gurus are always happy to help out further in person, so why don’t you send through your stuff and we can go from there!

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